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The Indian Boudoir: Private or Public Space?” Paper presented at the Haughton International Lecture Series, The British Academy, 14-15 October 2021



“ A Taste for Green Space: Landscape of the Ancestral Lands and the Mughal Dynastic Image”
in Mahesh Sharma, Padma Kaimal eds.
Indian Painting: Themes, Histories, Interpretations, Esays in Honour of B.N. Goswamy,
Mapin Publishing,, 2013, pp.92-104
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“Paradise, Sovereignty and Aesthetics under the Great Mughals”
in Mumtaz Currim ed.
Jannat: Paradise in Islamic Art, The Marg Foundation, Mumbai, 2012, pp.58-71
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Islam Art Architecture2000 – 2004

“ Islamic Art & Architecture of South Asia:
The Sultanates AD 711-1526; The Mughals AD 1526-1857” 
in Peter Delius ed.
Islam: Art and Architecture,
Konemann, Cologne, German edition, 2000; English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian,
Japanese editions 2000 – 2004; 2nd ed. h.f.Ullmann, Cologne, 2004, pp.452-489
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“Mythical animals in Mughal Art” in S.P. Verma ed.
Flora & Fauna in Mughal Art
Marg Publications, Mumbai, 1999, pp.55-68
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The Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta: Conception,Collections & Conservation

Marg Publications, Mumbai, 1997; Editor & contributor
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“The Mughal Gardens of Hasan Abdal: A Unique example of a manzil bagh
in South Asia Research, Volume 15, No 2 Autumn 1995, pp.241-265
Oxford University Press on behalf of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London
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“Begams of the House of Timur and the Dynastic Image” in Sheila Canby ed.

Humayun’s Garden Party: Princes of the House of Timur and Early Mughal Painting,
Marg Publications, Bombay, 1994, pp.117-134
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“Miskin” in P. Pal ed. Master Artists of the Imperial Mughal Court

Marg Publications, Bombay, 1991, pp.17-38

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30 Auction Catalogues
Indian & Islamic Miniatures & Manuscripts,
Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd., London; Christie’s, New York

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“Seven Folios from the Houghton Shahnameh”

Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd., 17 November, 1976

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