2003  Hyderabad Historical Society, Hyderabad (India)
2002  Deptartment of Art & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
2001  Qaid-i Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
1998  Exhibition Centre Islamabad,
Institute of Fine Arts, Lahore
1997  Charles K. Wilkinson Lecture Series, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
British Council, Pakistan – Islamabad and Lahore
1994  Islamic Art Circle, London
Indian Art Circle, London
Sotheby’s/SOAS Fine Arts Course
1993  Khuda Bakhsh Centenary Lecture, Patna
British Council, India – Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay
Sotheby’s/ SOAS Fine Arts Course
1992  Victoria & Albert Museum, London. “Friends of the V & A”
1991  National Art Collections Fund at The Royal Geographical Society
1990  Institute of Education, London University
BBC World Service: “ Meridien”.
1989  Institute of Education, London University
Islamic Art Circle, London
Christie’s Fine Arts Course, London
1988  Ministry of Culture, Amman
Christie’s Fine Arts Course, London
1987  Cognoscenti, Toronto, Canada
Islamic Art Circle, London
1986  Society of Asian Art, San Francisco, USA
1984  Royal Society for Asian Affairs, London
1981-1996  Guest Lecturer for Serenissima Travels – 10 tours of India, Pakistan, Ladakh, Nepal and Turkey
1972-5  University College, London.

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